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Subject: Proposals for STIX, TAXII and CYBOX Subcommittees



We’ve gone through all of the email traffic on the topic of subcommittees and I’ve distilled the proposals for the three subcommittees called out in the charter – see below.  Please note that I will be sending a separate message discussing the subcommittee that was proposed for “Standards Adoption, Engagement and Outreach”.  I did some light editing in an effort to make the proposals align better in terms of wording but I don’t think I’ve changed the substance.  In addition, I’ve listed all of the people who have been nominated as potential co-chairs of each subcommittee.


I will be turning these into electronic ballot questions first thing tomorrow morning.  What I would ask is that each of you review the subcommittee proposals below and let the list know if I missed anything or if there are any changes to the purpose or deliverables you would like to see reflected.  Also, if you would like to add your name or the name of another TC member to the list of proposed co-chairs please do that as well at this time.  If you would like to remove your name from consideration please let us know as well.  If we have more than two names listed for any of the subcommittees, the ballot will be structured to allow you to vote for any two.


To keep things moving I ask that any changes or additional nominations be made by 9AM Eastern/US time tomorrow, Tuesday, June 23rd.  After that I will finalize the ballots and start the voting.


Thanks all for your hard work, energy and enthusiasm!





Subcommittee Name: STIX

Proposed Purpose: To maintain and enhance the STIX language.


Proposed deliverables:

- STIX Roadmap

- Maintain and enhance STIX 1.x as necessary

- Design and specify STIX 2.x

- STIX Documentation


Currently Proposed Co-chairs (pick two):

·         Sean Barnum

·         Aharon Chernin

·         Bernd Grobauer

·         Terry MacDonald


Subcommittee Name: TAXII

Proposed Purpose: To maintain and enhance the TAXII standard.


Proposed deliverables:

- TAXII Roadmap

- Maintain and enhance TAXII 1.x as necessary

- Design and specify TAXII 2.x

- TAXII Documentation


Currently Proposed Co-chairs: 

·         Mark Davidson

·         Bret Jordan


Subcommittee Name: CYBOX

Proposed Purpose:  To maintain and enhance the CybOX standard.


Proposed deliverables:

- CybOX Roadmap

- Maintain and enhance CybOX 2.x as necessary

- Design and specify a CybOX 3.x that aligns with STIX 2.x

- CybOX Documentation


Currently Proposed Co-chairs:

·         Trey Darley

·         Ivan Kirillov



Richard J. Struse


Chief Advanced Technology Officer

National Cybersecurity and Communications Integration Center (NCCIC) and

Stakeholder Engagement and Cyber Infrastructure Resiliency (SECIR)

Cyber Security & Communications

U.S. Department of Homeland Security

e-mail:  Richard.Struse@dhs.gov
Phone:  202-527-2361


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