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Subject: Organizing CTI Outreach

As you discuss the possible creation of a CTI Outreach Subcommittee, let me offer a few insights into your options and what other TCs have done along these lines.

First, note that members of a SC must also be members of the main TC. If your SC is focused on interoperability, compliance, and adoption issues, then it's safe to assume the SC members will be technical and engaged in the TC. If the SC also wants to be involved in promoting adoption (via creating educational materials, planning events, coordinating conference presentations, etc.), then you may need to involve people with marketing responsibilities (and budgets); those people would not likely find value in being part of the main TC.

Other TCs have addressed outreach in a variety of ways:

The KMIP TC has an Interoperability SC that focuses on testing and verification activities including Interop demos and plugfests.

The DITA TC has a separate Adoption TC that produces white papers, webinars, instructional videos, and a community web site.

The CMIS TC has an associated Marketing Group (not a SC) that engages in communications and marketing activities to promote adoption. The Marketing Group brings together people who have direct responsibility for their organization's outreach activities including press and/or analyst relations, social media engagement, conference and expo participation, branding, training, etc. I work closely with this group, under the OASIS Media Relations Guidelines, as does Jane Harnad, the OASIS Events Manager.

Looking over the CTI Outreach thread, it seems you may be trying to accomplish too many things in one group. Your goals might be better served by a SC for Interoperability/Compliance and a separate marketing group that focuses on promotion, education, events, etc. The two groups could work closely with one another, with the main TC, and with OASIS support staff. Work produced (slide decks, white papers, etc.) could be submitted to the main TC for approval before publication.

My recommendation: draft bullets for the activities you intend to tackle in "Outreach" and what type of expertise is needed for each. A review of that list may clarify how and who should accomplish what. I'm happy to help.


Carol Geyer
Senior Director, OASIS

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