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Subject: RE: [cti] CTI TC Adoption and Interoperability SCs

Makes sense.

If we (the CTI TC) focus on defining what interoperability means for
STIX/TAXII/CybOX and how to measure/verify it, that leaves the door open for
third-party organizations such as testing labs to conduct interoperability
tests using the CTI TC-defined benchmarks.

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Sent: Monday, July 06, 2015 3:18 PM
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Subject: Re: [cti] CTI TC Adoption and Interoperability SCs

When I was Chair of the SPEECHSC IETF Work Group (speech server control), we
setup a self-reported interoperability matrix:

Same for LEMONADE (mobile messaging):

The idea is OASIS will *not* become the protocol police. That is too
expensive and carries unlimited liability. What a self-reporting resource
does do is (1) advertise who is running with the standards and (2) who has
tested against whom. That is not a guarantee of interoperability, but it is
lightyears ahead of publishing and praying.

> On Jul 6, 2015, at 2:31 PM, Tony Rutkowski <tony@yaanatech.com> wrote:
> It would be useful if CTI maintained the equivalent of
> the MILE Implementation Report ID just announced below.
> Additionally, in a world of dramatic scaling of cloud data
> center virtualization, especially NFV, instantiating a CTI
> dedicated focus on the subject is important.
> --tony
> ---------------
> https://tools.ietf.org/html/draft-ietf-mile-implementreport-05
> MILE C. Inacio
> Internet-Draft CMU
> Intended status: Informational                               D. Miyamoto
> Expires: January 6, 2016                                          UTokyo
> July 5, 2015
>                       MILE Implementation Report
>                   draft-ietf-mile-implementreport-05
> Abstract
>   This document is a collection of implementation reports from vendors,
>   consortiums, and researchers who have implemented one or more of the
>   standards published from the IETF INCident Handling (INCH) and
>   Management Incident Lightweight Exchange (MILE) working groups.
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