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Subject: VIP Invitations for Borderless Cyber DC

Dear CTI Members,

Before we open public registrations for our Borderless Cyber event, we'd like to offer our Sponsor members the opportunity to invite their high level contacts and prospects to attend at no cost. Each Sponsor member may invite up to four VIPs.‎ (If you're not a Sponsor member, you're welcome to send VIP recommendations to me and you may still register yourself or your co-workers at no cost.

Sponsors, please feel free to use (or customize) the sample text below in your invitations.

‎Dear (Name),

I'd like to invite you to be our special guest at Borderless Cyber, an event hosted by The World Bank and the OASIS standards consortium on 15-16 September in Washington, D.C. The event will bring together public and private sector security professionals from around the world to evaluate, debate, and collaborate on cyber security best practices and tools.   


(Member Name) is a major supporter of the OASIS Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) technical committee, where STIX, TAXII, and CybOX are being standardized.  

As a special guest of (Member Name) your attendance fee for Borderless Cyber will be waived. Simply register before 1 August using the code (Member NameVIP) at https://www.oasis-open.org/events/cyber-2015/invitation.

Note: Onsite attendance at Borderless Cyber is limited to 150. Registrations will be accepted on a space available basis and a waiting list will be created in the event of an early sell-out. The World Bank will also provide live video links for locations outside the U.S.

Thank you for your support of Borderless Cyber DC, the first in a series of OASIS events to promote cyber threat intelligence sharing.

Kind regards, Jane

Jane Harnad
Manager of Events

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