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Subject: Outreach and IOSC Roles [Was: Re: [cti-cybox] CybOX Domains Outreach Liaisons]

(1)  A quick comment/suggestion (as a fellow CTI TC member, not as co-chair of the IOSC):  

The IOSC should indeed inventory all CTI and related initiatives/stakeholders. However, there is nothing that prevents outreach and engagement to bring people into our CTI TC efforts.  To the extent we do so formally can be managed as things progress, but these engagements/partnerships ultimately start with personal relationships.

I would encourage all CTI TC members to initiate these discussions with their colleagues, collect contact information of those who might serve as liasons, participants, evangelists, ambassadors, etc.  

(2)  I do have a related question as Co-Chair of the IOSC: 

Are we formally adding the Charter of the previously discussed EAO SC (Engagement/Adoption/Outreach SC) to the scope of the IOSC?  Another SC is very difficult to imagine at his point, but I want to ensure we are not conflating roles if combining these is not the intended strategy.

Patrick Maroney
Integrated Networking Technologies, Inc.
Desk: (856)983-0001
Cell: (609)841-5104
Email: pmaroney@specere.org

On Thu, Oct 29, 2015 at 10:13 PM -0700, "Jerome Athias" <athiasjerome@gmail.com> wrote:

Was discussed quickly during the last meeting:
- The mobile domain (iOS, Android, Windows Mobile...)
I just read the slides of the meeting of September 24 2015 (sorry was
not available), and see:
- "Support capture of endpoint system state data"

It was highlighted by @Tony Rutkowski that some entities are working,
and have been working for years, on these domains.

I strongly suggest, as it is clear that it was done before for the
objects we have today, to work with SMEs of these domains. It is in
our interest to not reinvent the wheel.

Many of us are participating in different groups outside OASIS.
I would be greatly beneficial to try to identify and collaborate with
the most 'mature' SMEs.

@Tony already shared a slide (attached for reference) of the ecosystem.

Based on personal judgment, i would STRONGLY suggest a liaison with
these entities for the following domains (and I invite people with
more deep knowledge regarding work/'maturity' of other entities to
complete or comment this list):

- Mobile domain: 3GPP, ETSI TC Cyber
- Endpoint identification and state: IETF SACM

I would appreciate the Interoperability TC to have an action plan
regarding liaisons.
Added for reference:

@Chet highlighted:
"The details are in the Liaison Policy section on TC liaisons here ->

In a nutshell though, the process is: (a) identify a member of the TC
who will act as the liaison. Usually this is someone who is a member
of both organizations. (b) Approve that person as liaison by a motion
in a TC meeting or by an electronic ballot. (c) Notify the OASIS
President (Laurent - and cc me). (d) Post the person's name and
liaison organization on the TC's web page. Then that person (or
persons) can act as intermediary between the two organizations to keep
each other apprised of one another's work, help identify related
content, etc. etc. "

Thank you
Best regards

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