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Subject: Mark Davidson Company Change


I'm sending this note to let you all know that I've changed companies and I am now at Soltra. My last day at MITRE was Nov 23, and my first day at Soltra is today, Nov 30.

My role in the OASIS CTI TC will be unchanged - I will continue in my role as co-chair of the TAXII SC and continue to be an active contributor to this community. Outside of this community, Soltra represents a great opportunity for me to help build STIX/TAXII products and contribute to the continued success of STIX/TAXII implementations.

I had been with MITRE for almost 5 years, and have been with STIX and TAXII since the beginning. My time at MITRE has been fantastic, and I would like to thank MITRE for all the opportunities I've had and all the work I've been able to do on STIX/TAXII.

I look forward to continuing work with all of you.

Thank you.


PS - If you'd like to respond with well-wishes (note: None are required) please do so off-list to keep the CTI discussion on topic.

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