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Subject: RE: [cti] Taking a step back to gain some perspective

This is great Trey, thank you.  Not being around this group when all of this first started (long before Oasis took it), I kind of assumed this sort of exercise had already happened, as I'm not sure how the group can be productive without it.  How can you march in one direction without any sort of charter?

It sound to me like your statement below is the executive summary, and now we need to define what the major areas are that make that happen.  We need the 3 to 5 areas that will make for a safer internet (as you describe below).  Those should become our "bill of rights" so to speak, 

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Subject: [cti] Taking a step back to gain some perspective

Hi, everybody -

Two seemingly opposing camps have emerged within our community. For lack of better terminology (and with no offense intended to either
side) I'd call these the ontology and messaging tribes. There seems to be a natural human tendency to focus on our differences. I sometimes think if there were only two people left alive on an island after some apocalyptic event, in short order they'd find cause for war between them.

Let's take a step back and consider what problem we're actually trying to solve here.

The entire internet is rickety. Say you're out on a hike and need to cross a stream. You step gingerly from one stone to another, carefully testing each next step before shifting your entire center of gravity to the next stone. As a civilization, we've managed to place our center of gravity on an unsteady rock called the internet and there's no going back.

The attackers currently have the advantage. This is the situation we confront.

The ultimate goal of information-sharing is to build herd immunity. We can't possibly find all the software bugs faster than the attackers can, much less patch them in time. Given that, the best we can do right now on the defender side is to work together to build a sort of immune system for the internet.

Now we all come to this community with our own prejudices, based on our respective professional experiences and the various sectors we represent. But while on the microscopic scale it may appear that our goals are divergent, on the macro level I would argue that our goal is
unified: to pass on to the next generation a world in which our children can put money in their savings account and sleep soundly, confident that it will be there the next morning, a world in which our children can board a plane with some assurance that hackers won't make it fall out of the sky, and a world in which the normative nation state relationships aren't thrust back a century due to the inability of our culture to keep pace with technological development.

My hope is that we can move beyond our apparent differences to take a meaningful, purposeful step in this direction. Our legacy is ultimately not just a data model or another internet protocol but a safer world.

Trey Darley
Senior Security Engineer
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"One size never fits all." --RFC 1925
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