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Subject: Re: [cti] F2F Update & Call for agenda topics

Hi Mark,

Happy New Year.

Two weeks ago, a rather significant and fast
moving "baby" was left at our collective doorstep
in the form of the Cybersecurity Act of 2015.
It is arguably the most significant cybersecurity
statutory enactment for the U.S. with implications
far beyond its shores.  It has major deliverables
required in fast order early this year.  It also is tightly
bound to the work for this Technical Committee.
It seems appropriate to add this subject to the
F2F agenda - based on the attached slide material.

What has been provide here is a "deconstruction"
of the Act to identify the requirements model,
architecture, interfaces, and expressions required
by the Act.  It is worth noting that the information
exchange model here has a tight binding to OASIS
generally, and the architectures are common to
others established by many other government
established compliance obligations creating
information sharing interfaces.

The slides provide model basics, the embedded
architecture and interfaces, the exchange expressions,
timeline, and some "starter" questions and options.
A number of additional slides are attached that
provide reference information underlying those
questions and options.


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