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cti message

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Subject: Re: [cti] Public Service Announcement: Please trim that thread!

Also, unless you need to make sure the recipient of the message you are responding to needs to personally see the message ASAP, please trim the To: back to the list only, not fourteen people who once commented on the threat.


> On Jan 21, 2016, at 6:37 AM, Trey Darley <trey@soltra.com> wrote:
> Whenever I find myself stuck in traffic and frustrated behind the
> wheel, it occurs to me that I'm actually part of the problem. Same
> thing holds for email.
> Can I get a show of hands? Who around here doesn't get enough email?
> Aha, thought so!
> Please, do yourself a favor while doing us all a favor: remember to
> trim that email thread! There's no reason for a 120KB response just to
> +1 something! ^_^

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