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Subject: Tranche #1 (Indicators): Week 1 plan

This is week #1 of the Indicator tranche plan.

The plan calls for us to discuss and resolve the following issues this week:

  1. Very brief comment window (1 week) on all “Consensus asserted” items and then tie them off
    1. Object ID format and requirement (STIX #301, 221)
    2. Remove abstract base types for “top-level” objects (STIX #311, 386) (F2F consensus)
    3. Remove Short_Description (STIX #194) (F2F consensus)
    4. External_IDs property on all IDable constructs (STIX #358, 187) (F2F consensus)
    5. Controlled Vocabularies (STIX #141)
      • Simplify structure for Controlled Vocabularies (F2F consensus)
    6. Refactor report object (STIX #385) (F2F consensus)
    7. Data Markings (STIX #8, 231, 379, 378, 185)
    8. Discrete Timestamp format (STIX #294)
    9. Flatten all aggregating list layers (STIX #262)
    10. Refactor TTP (STIX #360) (F2F consensus)
  2. Tackle CTI Common “Partial consensus asserted” items below
    1. IDable construct fields
    2. Source reference approach and fields
    3. Relationships

Because most of these issues (except i.ii, i.vi, and i.x) are relevant across STIX and CybOX, I suggest this week’s discussions take place primarily on the cti@lists.oasis-open.org list rather than any particular SC list. 
Future weeks may be better focused on particular SC lists.

For all of the “Consensus asserted” items in “i” above, the hyperlinks should take you to a very brief characterization of the consensus that has been agreed to at the F2F (and in some cases in list discussions).
Please take the time to review these ASAP and post to the list any concerns or disagreements you might have with the stated consensus. If any objections are raised we will attempt to address them this week in order to again achieve consensus.
At the end of this week all of these issues for which we have consensus will be considered resolved and we will move on to other issues.

For the three “Partial consensus asserted” issues in “ii” above, we will be pulling together brief wiki pages today or tomorrow outlining what consensus we have and which particular open questions remain.
Where appropriate these brief issue wiki pages will also include initial proposals for addressing the open questions. If you have different proposals to offer feel free to add them to the wiki page in a new section clearly labeled as a proposal.
We will then spend this week discussing, debating and deciding on these issues/proposals with the goal of reaching consensus by week’s end.
Part of Tuesday’s CTI working call will be set aside for discussing "ii.b. Source reference approach and fields”.

If you have any concerns or questions please let us know.

We look forward to your collaboration in tackling this week’s plan.

STIX SC Co-chair

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