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Subject: Re: [cti] Next weeks working call

On 29.01.2016 20:46:55, Kirillov, Ivan A. wrote:
> Yup – as Sean mentioned, we’d like to talk about the Object
> selection approach for CybOX 3.0.

All -

I am extremely sorry to have missed yesterday's TC working call,
especially as the question of defining the CybOX 3.0 MVP was a
principal topic of discussion.

I believe this is the first call I've missed since the transition to
OASIS last July. Please don't interpret my absence yesterday as
indicative of a lack of seriousness in my role as a CybOX co-chair.
Sometimes you just have to play the hand that life deals you. :-/

Ivan, thank you for carrying the torch in my absence.

Trey Darley
Senior Security Engineer
4DAA 0A88 34BC 27C9 FD2B  A97E D3C6 5C74 0FB7 E430
Soltra | An FS-ISAC & DTCC Company
"It is always possible to aglutenate multiple separate problems into a
single complex interdependent solution. In most cases this is a bad
idea." --RFC 1925

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