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Subject: Top-Level Object Properties


There’s a new topic to think about! As discussed at the face to face, each top-level object in STIX and CybOX will inherit from a core set of properties…things like ID, etc. We haven’t quite agreed on what all of those fields are, though.

Take a look at this writeup: https://github.com/STIXProject/specifications/wiki/Active-Issue:-IDable-Construct-Properties. It has a set of fields that we have general agreement on, a list of fields we haven’t really discussed, and then a couple proposals (from Sean and from the twigs team). Feel free to either add your own proposal to that wiki page or discuss on the mailing lists and slack. The key question to consider: what fields should be available on *all* top-level objects?


PS: The twigs team added our proposal to the writeup on source references. You can see it on the issue page (https://github.com/STIXProject/specifications/wiki/Active-Issue:-Relating-Source) by scrolling down to Proposal 2. If you want to respond to that one via e-mail, make sure to make a separate thread.

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