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Subject: Re: [cti] Idea for Internationalization

Aharon Chernin wrote this message on Mon, Feb 08, 2016 at 14:18 +0000:
> I could go either way with translations. I think keeping translations within the same object may be less complex and it may be easier to explain to people how to use it. However, this complexity reduction may mean that highly translated objects will get a whole heck of a lot of revisions over time just to deal with translations. Based on our choice we are either going to end up with a lot of relationships, or a lot of revisions, when we deal with translations.

I'm on the fence between integrated or separate objects, but leaning to
separate objects..

The one big advantage to separate objects is it enables a CTI translation
service...  I can see a business where someone takes in a TAXII feed, and
translates all/most of the objects, and then republishes to their
customers the translations...  Keeping these objects external makes this
service easier...

It also allows for tracking the original object...  If the original
object gets versioned, but you only have a translation for the older
one, you can see if the field you translated changed, if it has changed,
you can then warn the user that the translation is out dated, and allow
the user to choose to read the latest version's original language...

Another issue w/ supporting multiple languages in a single object is
is deciding which is the "master" language...  If the TLO only supports
one language, then translators know which language should be the source
for the translation...


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