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Subject: Demo TAXII2/STIX2 Application


I have a very cobbled together TAXII2 demonstration app live on http://taxii2-demo.soltra.com/

If you happen to be out and about and would like to show somebody the visual progress of what we have been working on, this server is one thing you can share. It has example TAXII2 and example STIX2 (currently just an indicator – I can add some more stuff if you let me know soon-ish).

One neat thing I put in (that we haven’t talked about yet) is that in addition to the canonical indicator URL [1] that no reasonable human would ever have a chance of remembering, I have set up an easier-to-remember URL redirect [2] with a more human-readable name. 

Thank you.

[1] http://taxii2-demo.soltra.com/taxii/mygroup/collections/mycollection/indicators/indicator--089a6ecb-cc15-43cc-9494-767639779123

[2] http://taxii2-demo.soltra.com/taxii/mygroup/collections/mycollection/indicators/file_indicator

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