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Subject: Registration


Many of you saw the notice that came out from OASIS today that
established the pricing and deadline for registering for participation
in the RSA 2017 Interoperability Demonstration. I realize that this is
an unexpected  and quick deadline, and many of you wish to participate;
but I also see that this is a very tight deadline, given the relative
newness of the CTI Interoperability SC.  Time moves on and we recognize
that events beyond our control necessitate the tight deadline that is
necessary for us to hold this coveted location on the floor.

Although the CTI Interoperability Subcommittee has not yet fully
developed the Scenarios that will be used as the basis of the
Interoperability demonstrations, rest assured that each Member
organization that registers to participate will have an equal voice in
how the Scenarios are designed and implemented, in accordance with OASIS
policy.  To keep it simple we anticipate three (3) basic Scenarios for
this Year One (1) of the CTI-TC Interoperability SC Demonstration
projects.  More details to come on this as the work of the Subcommittee

The Co-Chairs, Patrick Maroney and David Eilken will be able to field
questions during our scheduled CTI Interoperability SC meeting this
Wednesday, March 9th at 19:00:00 UTC.  Watch for the WebEx invitation on
the CTI Interoperability SC Calendar... but, in the interim, please SAVE
THE DATE.  Also, if you do plan on participating in the RSA 2017
Demonstration Project, please take the time to complete the Supporters
Survey at the following link:


Even if you have registered before on the GitHub page, please complete
the Survey as given above. We are establishing a new process in
alignment with OASIS policies and procedures. 

The process that we envision for the Demonstration Project is
illustrated on the attached Figure.  Please come to the meeting on
Wednesday with your suggestions.  Your comments and the process used to
define the Demonstration Use Case Scenarios will be solicited. 

All are welcome.

To quote the great philosopher (!?~!),  Woody Allen: "Eighty percent of
success is showing up."

All for now,

Jane Ginn, MSIA, MRP
Secretary, CTI Interoperability Subcommittee

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