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Subject: CTI TC Working Session Notes

A couple bookkeeping items were mentioned to start the call:
The major topic of the call was the discussion of how we should organize the spec documents, and we did not reach a resolution on the call. Key points and action items are as follows:

Three proposals were mentioned:

Proposal #1
A profile version concept.  Meaning CTI v1.0 = STIX 2.0, CTI Common 1.0, and CybOX 3.0

Proposal #2
A single CTI specification that has multiple work product documents inside it.  Example:
CTI 1.0
- Common
- CybOX

Proposal #3
Synchronize the specification versions, for the new revision, it becomes STIX 3.0, CTI Common 3.0 and CybOX 3.0, so we can talk about 3.0, or future version.

The action items are:
Document how other groups have solved this previously – Bret to ask Eric if he wants to
Outline goals/requirements for how people will reference and use the specs – John Wunder
Consider how this impacts OASIS level ratification of our specs - [Nobody assigned – Volunteer please?]

We also talked about, in order to speed up progress, setting up small teams (of 2-4) to tackle specific issues and bring them back to the larger group as proposals. This was generally agreed upon (though not much time on the call could be spent discussing), and this will be acted on in slack/email.

Lastly, again in the interest of progress, there is a group of people who are interested in forming a working session in the US National Capital Region (NCR) during the first week of April. The general thought right now is a 2-day meeting with ~10-12 hour working sessions. I will be sending out a separate email soliciting participation.

Thank you.

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