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Subject: Re: [cti] RE: [Non-DoD Source] [cti] RE: New Mini-Working Groups (UNCLASSIFIED)

Barnum, Sean D. wrote this message on Fri, Mar 11, 2016 at 16:48 +0000:
> This could be one potential approach to the question of historical transparency but we should note that it does not address the issue of collaborative participation.
> If you can’t use Slack you still cannot participate directly.
> I think there are several questions involved here:
>   1.  Historical transparency (can everyone always see everything that was discussed?)

Mostly solved, see Jason's previous email.

>   2.  Ubiquitous access for direct collaboration (can TC members access Slack to actively participate in discussions that are occurring?)

Have we thought about turning on an IRC and/or XMPP gateway?

Or do some companies block these too?

And if that doesn't work, there are many VPN solutions, including ssh
to an EC2 instance...

>   3.  Ease of use (can people keep up with the single threaded tempo in Slack?; can people easily track and contribute to sub-threads within channels especially when doing periodic asynchronous review of posts?)

No mater what medium we pick, when we move quickly, there were be a
large amount of discussion to follow, and it cannot be avoided...  Slack
does tend to be more verbose, but it does let you bounce ideas off each
other more quickly, (like Terry and I just did in #versioning).


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