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Subject: twigs has been merged into STIX Pre-draft Specification Document

As suggested at RSA, the twigs documentation has been merged into the STIX Pre-draft Specification document (see http://stixproject.github.io/stix2.0/)


This involved merging in only concepts from twigs that were not in the Pre-draft doc already, because consensus had been “reached”.

Much of the work of the merge was to format the twigs content as we had agreed on in the existing doc.  Any cv mentioned in the TLOs was added.


If your favorite part of the twigs document wasn’t merged in, it probably wound up in one of the “playgrounds”.


The document was reviewed by Sean, John, Bret and myself – cleaning up the existing comments.


If you haven’t looked at this doc recently, you might want make a pass over it and add any new comments for the team to consider.






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