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Subject: Re: [cti-users] Role within the CTI TC

Sean - I have not been involved in the CTI efforts at OASIS that long but you have been incredibly helpful to a newbie like me.

Thank you for all the hard work.


On Apr 5, 2016, at 7:50 AM, Barnum, Sean D. <sbarnum@MITRE.ORG> wrote:

Members of the OASIS CTI TC,

A significant amount of my time for the last 5+ years has been focused on STIX and CybOX. 
I have had the privilege to build, collaborate with and lead very large and diverse communities of players focused on standardizing the representation of cyber observable and cyber threat information for operational, tactical and strategic reasons. The strength of these communities was not from any one or two players (myself included) but rather from the breadth and diversity of perspectives involved, the willingness to value, respect and integrate these diverse perspectives and the desire to collaborate towards a solution that worked for the entire community. I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to listen to and discuss the thoughts and needs of hundreds (potentially thousands) of players within this community. It has been an unparalleled opportunity.

As I am sure many of you have noticed over the last several months, I have had and continue to have significant concerns with the direction that the TC is headed both technically and procedurally. I have gone to great lengths to represent what I believe are the best interests of the community and the responsibilities of my role within the TC leadership team. It has become increasingly clear that I am a minority voice among the current individuals on that leadership team in regards to approach and strategy. This level of disagreement has led to increasing friction among the team. My MITRE management team with the concurrence of our DHS sponsor has asked that I step back from participating in TC activities including  stepping down from my co-chair position.

As such, please consider this email my official letter of resignation of my position as Co-Chair of the OASIS CTI TC STIX SC effective immediately.

It is with both sadness and relief that I yield this position. Sadness due to the realities that have led to the decision. Relief in that removing myself from the strife and stress will likely benefit my health and mental well being and will enable me to once again focus my time and energy on constructively solving the technical challenges of threat-centric cyber defense.

I strongly believe in the importance of STIX/CybOX/TAXII for the cyber defense community and the world writ large. 
I truly hope that the TC can find a way to continue the established success of these efforts.

Thank you for the opportunity to act in a leadership role and I wish you the best,

Sean Barnum

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