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Subject: Road to final publication of STIX, TAXII, and CyBox as Oasis standards

Great to see so much activity on CTI standards version “.next”, but where exactly are we with getting CTI standards “.current” namely STIX 1.2.1, TAXII 1.1.1 and what ever version of CybOX goes with them to final approved, published standards under the Oasis process?

I know the STIX ballot was approved, but there was some formal response to comments needed. Is this complete?
I know the TAXII ballot was withdrawn. When does this come back up and what is needed to do this?
I don’t know where we stand with CyBox so any updates there?

We have had this TC for what like 8 months and we already started with a well sorted out candidate set for Oasis CTI standards (aka “.current”) to be published yet we don’t have any of the three actually in final approved & published status.  

The other reason I ask this to set realistic expectations as to how much longer it will be when we finally agree on CTI standards “.next” how frighteningly long it will take to get them to final approved & published status.



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