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Subject: Re: [cti] i18n (RE: MVP Discussion) - An Updated Proposal

Another thing to keep in mind is the language does not need to try and solve the data quality issue.  Also, string fields will not be used for automated processing, but rather for human consumption. 

I think we can get light years ahead of where we are today with just a top TLO level lang tag and not a Lang tag on each string field.


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> On Apr 25, 2016, at 6:16 PM, John-Mark Gurney <jmg@newcontext.com> wrote:
> Masuoka, Ryusuke wrote this message on Mon, Apr 25, 2016 at 10:21 +0000:
>> Hi, John, Bret,
>> -----
>> Use Case (1) Second Paragraph
>> -----
>>> Or another use case is the CTI provider in Japan writes a CTI file with its
>>> title in English and description in Japanese. This is because many Japanese
>>> can read short English titles, but many Japanese have difficulties to
>>> understand long and detailed descriptions in English.
>> In the above case, I am talking about is something like the following.
>> -----
>> {
>> "type": "package",
>> “indicators": [
>> {
>>   "type": “indicator",
>>   "id": "indicator--a1201df6-c352-4a81-9c7c-5a6f896a4e31",
>>   "revision": 1,
>>   "created_at": "2015-12-03T13:13Z",
>>   "created_by_ref": "identity--69a17e1b-bb45-4657-9a9d-96db3faccdde",
>>   "title": {“en”: "Dridex Campaign - Botnet 121"},
>>   “description": {“ja”: "ボットネット 121 を活用する Dridex を元にしたキャンペーン"}
>> },
>> ...
>> }
>> -----
>> It is often the case for academic papers that we (Japanese) provide its title and
>> abstract in English, but its main body in Japanese.
> I would say that the lang id is not the language of the text, but who
> it is intended for..  If the "Japanese" translation happens to be in
> English, then that is fine to label it was jp if that is the way they
> want it presented...
> So, your example would have jp as the language for the title too..
> There wouldn't be anything that would prevent someone creating a new
> translation object that completes the jp translation of the title...
> I do like the proposal of being able to override the lang on a per field
> basis, but IMO, unneeded, per above.
> Another way to state it is that the lang id field is who to present the
> text of this object to...  If you speak jp, then present these fields to
> them, etc.  It seems odd/crazy that we should allow an object to be
> created where different parts of the object are not present for which
> we need to present it to the user of that language...
> In your example, is there a reason the program needs to know that the
> en title is in English?  It clearly doesn't need the info for rendering
> it, as that is already encoded via the Unicode characters..
> Thanks.
> -- 
> John-Mark

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