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Subject: Supporters Survey


If you are a 'Supporter' of any of the standards under development under the CTI-TC could you please take about 5 minutes and complete the survey at the following link?:


A 'Supporter' is any company that has an existing product, or has a product under development, that relies on any of the previous versions of STIX | CybOX | TAXII and/or intends to build or use a product in the future based on the new Roadmaps.  Note that we are seeking registrations from both PRODUCERS & CONSUMERS of STIX | CybOX & TAXII. 

This registration process will help us begin to collect and publish information on existing and emerging OASIS CTI-TC capabilities from all stakeholders in the Public, Private, Academia/Research, and Open Source Communities.  This information will supplement and extend the existing information available on the GitHub Supporters page. 

Jane Ginn, MSIA, MRP
Cyber Threat Intelligence Network, Inc.

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