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Subject: i18n Mini Group

Hi, all,

I am starting the i18n Mini Group. 
I included an initial plan/schedule for the mini group
at the end.
Please first let me identify attendees.
Anyone can come join the mini group, but 
I would like to have a better idea of core
members who are interested in i18n. 
Please let me know in a personal email to me 
(masuoka.ryusuke@jp.fujitsu.com) the following 
if you are interested in the i18n mini group.

  Time zone: EDT, PDT, JST, etc.
  Preferred Meeting Time: 9 - 5 (in your time zone)
  Possible Meeting Time: 7 - 11 (in your time zone)
  Absolute No-no time in your time zone: (in your time zone)
  Type: [if okay to share] User (CTI consumer/producer), product provider, service provider, 
    system integrator 
  Languages you use often at work: 
  Notes and Comments:



i18n Mini-Group Initial Plan/Schedule
[Start i18n Slack Channel] Done
[Core Attendee identification]
[Agendas and Procedures]
[Use cases, Requirements and Their Priorities] 
[i18n Rules]
[Incorporating i18n into Standards]

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