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Subject: ISAO Privacy and Security SWG


The Information Sharing and Analysis Organizations (ISAO) Working Group Sub-working Group 4 (SWG4) on Privacy and Security is drafting guidance documents for the emerging ISAO Community. They requested that we reach out to the STIX/TAXII community for information on whether some STIX fields are at a higher risk for containing personal information (privacy risk) or containing information that might pose a security risk (e.g. expose network details that might be taken advantage of). If there are any summaries of security and privacy risks that may have been discussed during the development of STIX and TAXII, they would also be useful. The SWG4 draft documents are available for direct review and comment (https://www.isao.org/products/drafts/ ) but I am happy to gather thoughts from the CTI TC list and submit them to the SWG.


Thanks so much,




Julie Modlin

Enhance Shared Situational Awareness (ESSA) Systems Engineering Team

Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory


443-778-6989 / Baltimore

240-228-6989 / Washington

Office hours: 8:00 to 2:00 Mon - Thur


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