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Subject: Re: [cti] Definitions for Campaigns, Intrusion Sets and Threat Actors

On 23.05.2016 17:26:59, Katz, Gary CTR DC3/DCCI wrote:
> During some of the previous discussions, individuals had asked for
> definitions on Campaigns, Intrusion Sets and Threat Actors. The
> below definitions were put together to help with the discussions. I
> put together these definitions/examples and ran them by Paul Patrick
> to get some concurrence, but if individuals do not agree, I would be
> interested in understanding where there is disagreement.

Gary, you win the internet today for most hilarious STIX examples

/me hunts down some meatballs with which to placate the bobcats...

Trey Darley
Senior Security Engineer
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Soltra | An FS-ISAC & DTCC Company
"For all resources, whatever it is, you need more." --RFC 1925

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