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Subject: Registration opens today for STIX training course


Registration is now open for the training course.

This one-day course will provide students with the skills they need to share and consume threat data using the latest OASIS Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) standards. The fundamentals of when and why to use STIX, TAXII, and CybOX will be covered as students receive hands-on experience working with the standards. Learn more...

Students will learn:

·         When and how to best use threat intelligence

·         Why standards are necessary

·         How to use the latest versions of STIX, TAXII and CybOX

·         What a STIX data model looks like

·         How to create and consume STIX docs

·         How to interact with a TAXII Server

·         How STIX, TAXII and CybOX work together

·         How to anticipate and address real world CTI issues

Prerequisites:  No prior STIX, TAXII, or CybOX knowledge is required; however, students should have some basic knowledge of threat intelligence sharing tools and general use cases.

Trainer:  Trey Darley, co-chair, OASIS CTI CybOX Technical Subcommittee

Training Course Cost: 
€900 Corporate    |    €700 OASIS Member

Borderless Cyber:  This course is being offered in conjunction with the Borderless Cyber Europe conference. A special CTI meet-up will be planned for those who register for both the training and the conference.


Jane Harnad

Manager, Events

OASIS | Advancing open standards for the information society 
+1.781.425.5073 x214 (Office)

Join us at:
Borderless Cyber Europe

8-9 Sept  | Brussels



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