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Subject: Update on the CybOX 3.0 effort

Greetings -

It's been a busy week in CybOX land. Since we emailed you yesterday,
we've had a number of helpful comments on CybOX Core [0] and have been
working to incorporate your feedback as well as generally putting
additional polish on that document.

Our primary focus over the past two days has been on the CybOX
Patterning spec. (Special thanks to John-Mark Gurney and Jason
Keirstead for their invaluable contributions!) As most of you are
probably aware, over in STIX land there's a general consensus to make
CybOX Patterning MTI for STIX implementations supporting Indicators.
Consequently, it was fortuitous timing that the CybOX SC focused on
polishing the CybOX Patterning spec this week.

The CybOX Patterning spec [1] is not perfect, but is now in good shape
for review by the TC. We welcome your comments and feedback. (If
anyone does not have the ability to suggest changes on the Google
Docs, reach out to Ivan or me privately and we'll get that sorted for

Next week, we will be focusing on finalizing the CybOX object specs
and the CybOX vocabularies. Ivan and I have carved out 4-5 hours per
day [2] to work through issues on an open bridge [3] so feel free to
dive in and help us get this thing done!

As you're probably aware, the STIX SC plans a document freeze later
today, at which point they will be emailing PDFs to the TC in order to
launch an informal two week comment period prior to putting the STIX
2.0 draft specs up for a TC-wide vote to move them into OASIS
Committee Draft Spec status.

The CybOX SC has a significant amount of work remaining to be done
with somewhat less volunteer participation than the STIX SC.
Consequently, our goal is to trail the STIX SC with one week's delay,
that is, we aim to be in a position to freeze the CybOX 3.0 draft
specs at the end of *next* Friday, send out PDFs to the TC for an
informal two week comment period, etc.

We want to ensure that everyone is aware of our intentions and the
ample opportunity we're providing for all interested parties to weigh
in with their additions, comments, constructive criticism, etc. But in
order to achieve the TC's goal of hitting MVP for all three CTI
standards by 29 July, it is imperative that if you care about what
CybOX 3.0 looks like, that you speak up now and don't wait until the
last minute.

[0]: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1PSGv6Uvo3YyrK354cH0cvdn7gGedbhYJkgNVzwW9E6A/edit
[1]: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1suvd7z7YjNKWOwgko-vJ84jfGuxSYZjOQlw5leCswPY/edit
[2]: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Wc-3iLGgtM1vdwfV23ClHe80DflFQ8eX-hO69L1xlvk/edit#gid=0
[3]: https://www.uberconference.com/kingfisherops, PIN 20357

Kingfisher Operations, sprl
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"There's never enough time. Thank you for yours." --Dan Geer

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