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Subject: STIX 2.0-draft1



After 6+ months of excellent work by the TC, the STIX editors feel that we’re now at the point where the STIX 2.0 working documents are “complete” and ready for a holistic review. There are still a couple TODOs and maybe some rough edges but content-wise we’re basically there. We’ve tagged the current version of these document versions “STIX 2.0 draft-1”: the first draft for what will become STIX 2.0. Congratulations, everyone!


The release of this draft begins a two-week comment period: through July 29th, we’re hoping/expecting that each of you can take the time to do an in-depth review of the documents and provide your comments for discussion. During this period the documents will remain in Google Docs and we’ll be able to quickly iterate to incorporate changes and ensure that what comes out is the best the TC has to offer. As usual, comments and suggestions directly in Google Docs are the easiest for us to handle, but we’ve also exported PDFs and Word documents (attached) if that’s easier for you.


I can’t stress this enough: now is the time to review these documents. For these two weeks, while the documents are in Google Docs and we have a few weeks left before August, we can still be relatively agile about making changes. In the first week of August, when we move to the OASIS template, we’ll lose much of that agility and have to become much more deliberate. It’s not a bad thing, it’s a part of the process, and comments are of course still greatly appreciated, but it does put more of a burden on your already overworked editors to adjudicate them and keep the documents up to date.


Please feel free to re-distribute these documents, but keep in mind it’s an early draft and will likely change quite a bit. As usual, comments from non-TC members are acceptable but must be made through official channels on the cti-comment mailing list (https://www.oasis-open.org/committees/comments/index.php?wg_abbrev=cti).


Assuming we get a lot of comments and the documents improve this week we expect to release draft-2 next Monday. Also, on the working call tomorrow we’ll give you a bit of a tour of the documents and point out areas to focus on. We’ve also started work on schemas and examples for this draft, which should be available by the middle of this week.



John, Bret, and Aharon (your STIX Editors & Co-Chairs)


PS: We still have the final STIX 2.0 specification split in two to keep Google Docs from exploding. The intent is that when we move to the OASIS specification the documents will be combined into one.

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