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Subject: Review guidance for STIX docs

Hey everyone,


I put together a checklist of things to look for as you review the STIX documents. I plan to use this checklist myself as I go through to review them.




1.       High-Level Review

a.       How does the document flow at a high level?

                                                               i.      Does it properly describe what STIX is and how to use it?

                                                             ii.      Is the introduction on the right track?

b.       Are the set of Objects we’ve included correct?

                                                               i.      Are there any that we should remove or defer to 2.1+?

                                                             ii.      Any that we should add, even if it means delaying the release?

c.       Do we have coverage of other important STIX concepts, such as markings + transport concerns?

                                                               i.      Anything we’re missing?

                                                             ii.      Anything we should remove?

2.       Objects Review (each TLO)

a.       Is the object correctly described?

b.       Can you understand how the object should be used, separate from other objects?

c.       Are the fields correct? Should we change any from optional to required or vice versa?

d.       Are the field types correct? Should any be a list that are not, or not be a list that are?

e.       Do the field descriptions make sense and correctly describe the concept?

f.        Are the relationships correct? Are we missing any? Should we remove any?

g.       Are the examples sufficient?

3.       Section Review (for each section)

a.       Common Types

                                                               i.      Does the description accurately describe the type?

                                                             ii.      Is the normative text correct? Do we need to make more/fewer/different normative statements?

                                                            iii.      Are the examples sufficient?

b.       STIX Objects Sections (in Core)

                                                               i.      Is the normative text correct? Do we need to make more/fewer/different normative statements?

                                                             ii.      Does the section describe the concepts correctly?

                                                            iii.      Are the examples good?

c.       Vocabularies

                                                               i.      Do we have the correct items?

                                                             ii.      Are we missing any?

                                                            iii.      Should any be removed?

                                                            iv.      Are the descriptions sufficient?

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