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Subject: Proposal of confidence level using MISP taxonomies


Following the recent and good discussions at the TC, here is a proposal of confidence
level that we will implement in MISP via the misp-taxonomies:

     "predicate": "confidence-level",
     "entry": [
          "expanded": "Completely confident",
          "value": "completely-confident",
          "numerical_value": 100
          "expanded": "Usually confident",
          "value": "usually-confident",
          "numerical_value": 75
          "expanded": "Fairly confident",
          "value": "fairly-confident",
          "numerical_value": 50
          "expanded": "Rarely confident",
          "value": "rarely-confident",
          "numerical_value": 25
          "expanded": "Unconfident",
          "value": "unconfident",
          "numerical_value": 0
          "expanded": "Confidence cannot be evaluated",
          "value": "confidence-cannot-be-evalued"


Feedback welcome. I also included the original slides I gave during the TC in Brussels.

I'll summarize the various options of integration with the taxonomies in STIX in another email.


Alexandre Dulaunoy
CIRCL - Computer Incident Response Center Luxembourg
41, avenue de la gare L-1611 Luxembourg
info@circl.lu - www.circl.lu

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