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Subject: Agenda for 9/20 Working Call



After a couple cancellations we’re finally ready to have another working call to focus on STIX. The time will be our normal 11am Eastern call.


I won’t be able to make the call, I asked Rich Piazza to moderate it and Bret & Aharon (editor and the other co-chair) will be there.




1.       Status update

a.       Draft specification is approved and released, schemas have been uploaded

b.       Community members who were at the F2F can give an update

2.       Where do we go from here?

a.       What is our philosophy?

                                                               i.      Time-based, making sure we get what we have right but not adding new features that would extend the timeline

                                                             ii.      Or, more expansive, where we add new features that are ready or close to ready (as Bret has proposed)

b.       Given the philosophy, what issues do we need to discuss to move forward with 2.0?

                                                               i.      Things that might be broken in the approved draft:

1.       Malware object

2.       Gary’s relationship fixes

3.       Location

4.       Suggested changes to observed data

                                                             ii.      Things that are incomplete / new additions:

1.       Confidence / Reliability / etc.

2.       Infrastructure


4.       Incident

5.       I18n

6.       Automated COA

                                                            iii.      What did we miss that we should talk about for 2.0?

c.       Getting a new CSD out, in the correct format

                                                               i.      Add conformance section (required by OASIS)

                                                             ii.      Add references sections (required by OASIS)

                                                            iii.      Address any changes as noted in 2b above (or others brought up going forward)


The primary goal of the meeting should be to answer the philosophical question: should we continue with the time-based approach and focus on getting a release out soon, or perhaps expand things to cover more ground sooner. After that’s answered, the specific issues in 2b can be discussed to make sure they’re categorized correctly and to decide which to work on and which to defer.



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