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Subject: Status of CTI OASIS Open Repositories

The following OASIS Open repositories have been created and populated with content that MITRE has been developing on behalf of DHS. 

- cti-stix2-json-schemas
- cti-pattern-validator
- cti-marking-prototype
- cti-stix-visualization
- cti-stix-validator

There are two other repositories that exist, but do not (yet) have any content:

- cti-documentation
- cti-cybox3-json-schemas

The open repositories are meant to assist with the development of the TC's work products (but do not contain work products directly). Both TC members and non-members are able to contribute to the repositories, but in order to do so, you must sign a Contributor License Agreement (CLA): https://www.oasis-open.org/resources/open-repositories/cla . This applies *even to TC members*. 

We welcome participation from other members of the TC (or even non-members who have an interest in the TC's work). Please use GitHub for any issues/enhancement requests for the code/schemas themselves. Feel free to respond to this email if you have questions about the process, etc.

You can find the repositories here: https://github.com/oasis-open 


Greg Back

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