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Subject: Re: [cti] Face-to-Face Meeting in S.F. in Early December

On 02.11.2016 11:13:57, "Jane Ginn"@OASIS wrote:
> We are trying to gauge the level of interest among the CTI TC
> members for a face-to-face meeting in the San Francisco area on
> December 7th & 8th. We would also like to offer a free 1-day
> training on December 6th.

Greetings, people of the CTI TC -

One of the major agenda items on yesterday's co-chairs call was the
upcoming F2F. We were trying to arrange this for 07-08 December but
after conferring together as well as with our excellent OASIS support
team, we've decided to postpone the F2F until 17-18 January (with the
possibility of a one-day implementers BoF session 19 January.)

Special thanks to both New Context and LookingGlass for having
generously offered us meeting facilities for December. Unfortunately,
the only facilities available on such short notice are limited to
about 20-25 people.

The primary agenda items for the F2F are advancing STIX 2.1
development and a discussion around what we're doing to facilitate
interoperability. We don't want TC members' ability to participate in
this important F2F to be constrained by a lack of advanced notice
and/or meeting space restrictions.

If you know of a space able to accommodate 40-50 people for 2-3 days
the week of 16 January (ideally 17-19), please let us know!

Kingfisher Operations, sprl
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"Good, Fast, Cheap: Pick any two (you can't have all three)." --RFC 1925

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