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Subject: OASIS CTI TC Interoperability SC Status - November 2016

The CTI TC Interoperability SC Chairs (David Eilken and I) are trying to get consensus established with the CTI TC Chair and Subcommittee Chairs on the strategy and key elements of CTI TC Interoperability “parameters and processes to allow CTI TC members to test/ validate, and where possible measure the maturity of another organization’s implementation”.


A significant amount of time and effort have been expended to date by the CTI TC Interoperability SC Chairs on:


·         University of New Hampshire Interoperability Labs





·         OASIS Options for a Self-Certification Program




·         Interoperability Ad Hoc Initiative

Minutes Section of: https://www.oasis-open.org/apps/org/workgroup/cti-interoperability/event.php?event_id=43339




It has been a challenge to achieve consensus on any of these proposed strategies and initiatives. So the Interoperability SC Chairs are suspending further action/efforts and will re-engage the CTI TC Interoperability SC once we have established consensus and the support of the CTI TC Chair and Subcommittee Chairs.  The current target for this consensus is January 2017.



Actions Requested:


·         We canceled all of the recurring Interoperability SC meetings in the OASIS Calendar last month. Please ensure all Interoperability SC Meetings are deleted from your Calendars (2nd Wednesday of Each Month).  We will reschedule these meetings once we get consensus on approach.


·         The primary role/responsibility of the Interoperability SC Chairs is to empower and facilitate discourse between SC members. We do not want to drive the agenda.  We encourage any/all CTI TC and Interoperability SC members to engage the community with any suggestions, ideas, questions, topics, etc. that fit within the SC Charter.



Your CTI TC Interoperability SC Chairs,


David Eilken

Patrick Maroney

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