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Subject: Release of TAXII 2.0 draft 3


The TAXII Co-Chairs and SC are pleased to announce the release of draft 3 of the TAXII 2.0 specification.  

If you have not been paying attention to TAXII in a while, we kindly ask and encourage to review this draft and give us your comments and suggestions. This draft focuses purely on TAXII Collections.  TAXII Channels will be added in a future draft / release candidate. 

Tentative Roadmap:

Friday Nov 11th - Release Draft 3 (today)

Friday Nov 18th - Release RC1 with a 2 week informal review period

Monday Dec 5th - Open a ballot to approve TAXII as a Committee Specification Draft (CSD)

The Google Doc address is located at the following URL and we encourage you to make your suggestions in this document.  We are also including a PDF and Word version for offline viewing.



Bret and Mark

Attachment: TAXII2.0Specification-draft3.docx
Description: TAXII2.0Specification-draft3.docx

Attachment: TAXII2.0Specification-draft3.pdf
Description: TAXII2.0Specification-draft3.pdf

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