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Subject: 11/15 CTI TC Working Call Agenda

Hello everyone,


The CTI TC working call will be held as scheduled on 11/15 at 11am EST.


The agenda (subject to change pending further comments) is:


-          TAXII 2.0 Draft 3 released – Bret + Mark will lead

-          Review feedback + changes to STIX 2.0 RC3

o    Changes to numbering of the parts per OASIS rules

o    Cyber Observable Custom Extensions vs. STIX Custom Properties – Trey and Ivan will lead

o    Suggestions from Allan – John will lead

§  Add last_seen to campaign and intrusion set

§  Suggestion to re-work some text around versioning

§  Changes to the text around “bundle” having semantic meaning, and the normative text around considering objects related

o    Discussion of data types defined in Part 1 (STIX Core), Part 3 (Cyber Observable Core), and Part 5 (Patterning)


Thanks everyone,


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