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Subject: Resignation OASIS CTI TC Interoperability SC cochair


Per our discussion on the November 14 OASIS CTI TC Cochair's call, I need to dedicate 100% of energy and focus in the coming months on a new development initiative.   

I am currently working to complete the transition of the CTI TC Supporters Registration process and related Wiki page management.  Once the transition is completed, I will be suspending my active OASIS TC participation, current role as CTI TC Cochair, and terminating my OASIS membership. I will advise you directly when the transition is completed (target November 18th).

I remain passionately committed to the community mission to establish an effective real-time Cyber Threat Intelligence Inter-Exchange (CTIX) Ecosystem.  I will similarly remain actively engaged in public and private efforts to deploy operational CTIX reference implementations.


Patrick Maroney
Individual Contributor OASIS CTI TC
OASIS CTI TC Interoperability SC Cochair

Patrick Maroney
Chief Architect
CyberIntel-LD Initiative
Email: doc@cyberintel-ld.com
Cell: (609)841-5104

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