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Subject: Slides for 11/17 TC Call



I’m attaching the slide deck for today’s CTI TC call @ 11am EST / 1600 UTC and 9pm EST / 0200 UTC. We’ll also present the slides, but given some technical challenges with the conferencing software we wanted you all to have the slides ahead of time to follow along.


The agenda is:


-          Administrative updates – TC Chair

-          Face to face update – TC Chair

-          STIX Update –STIX / Cyber Observable SC Co-Chairs

-          TAXII Update –TAXII SC Chairs

-          IPR/Legal Protections –OASIS

-          Discussion/New Business – TC Chair and TC

-          Adjourn


Attendance at either session counts for voting rights.

Thanks all,


Attachment: 2016-11-17-CTI-TC-call-final.pptx
Description: 2016-11-17-CTI-TC-call-final.pptx

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