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Subject: Agenda for 11/29 Working Call

Hello all,


I hope all the Americans had a good Thanksgiving last week, and that everyone else had a good last week period.


We’re going to dive right back in to working calls to finish of STIX 2.0. The call is already on the calendar for tomorrow at 11am EST. As I mentioned a couple weeks ago, LookingGlass has done some exploration of how to implement STIX 2.0 RC3 in their environment and had some feedback based on that. Allan Thompson will be on the call to go over it. The topics are:


-          Versioning

-          Timestamp and Timestamp Precision

-          Bundle

-          First/Last Observed on Campaign


If we aren’t able to finish off all of those discussions on Tuesday, we’ll schedule another call for later in the week to make sure we keep pressing forward.


Separately, I’ll be scheduling an OpenC2 Intro call on the TC calendar for 11:30am EST on Wednesday. Jyoti and others from the OpenC2 community will give a more in-depth introduction on what exactly OpenC2 is and what it does. Note that this topic isn’t under consideration for 2.0 unless we have a major change in direction…we’re doing a bit of prep work for 2.1.




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