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Subject: Check-in at Google tomorrow...CTI F2F

Hi Everyone,

Please find some additional information for tomorrow's meeting.

Tom Supple and a few other folks from Google will be onsite to assist our group.

We hope you all have a terrific meeting.

Thanks, Jane


A list was provided to Google last week. Badges will be available onsite for those on that list. Late registrations may need to register onsite. A google representative will be there to assist any onsite badge registrations.

When you arrive at the facility, please go straight to MAT3. Tom Supple will be there to greet folks and escort you to the host room.

For lunch, Tom was looking into reserving tables for the group in the cafe nearby (see diagram below). If that doesn't work out, you can grab food and bring it back to the host room to eat. We do have the room until 6:00 PM on Tuesday. If the group decides to use the room until 6:00 PM on Wednesday as well -- please speak directly to Tom and/or Allison.

If anyone has difficulty finding the building or has urgent questions day of - please call Tom Supple at: 650-861-1517

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