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Subject: Motion for Open Repository for python-stix2 (Python APIs for STIX 2)



We have been working on developing Python APIs for STIX 2, and would like to put them in an open repository on GitHub, to get feedback from the TC and broader CTI community. Because STIX 2 is smaller than STIX 1.x/CybOX 2.0, and dealing with JSON in Python is *much* easier than XML, we aren’t going to stop with basic serialization and deserialization, and hope to incorporate common higher-level functionality. The exact scope and features of the library are still being discussed, but will include at least the aspects mentioned below.





I move that the TC approve by unanimous consent requesting OASIS to set up an OASIS Open Repository project named cti-python-stix2 using the following pieces of information:


Purpose Statement: This Python library for STIX 2 provides APIs for serializing and de-serializing STIX 2 JSON content, along with higher-level APIs for common tasks, including data markings, versioning, and resolving STIX IDs across multiple data sources.

Initial Maintainers: Greg Back, Chris Lenk

Open Source License: BSD-3-Clause License

GitHub Name: cti-python-stix2

Short Description: OASIS Open Repository: Python APIs for STIX 2.



We hope to have the repository populated with at least some functioning code before the RSA conference. If you have any concerns about creating this repo, please speak up soon!


Greg Back



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