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Subject: Confidence Mappings


As John and Sarah mentioned on the last TC call, the STIX SC is working on finishing up Confidence and the normative mappings for each scale in to and out of STIX.

To help me better understand how these would interact with each other, I built the following diagram (screenshot attached).  NOTE, I have take some minor artistic license on the fence posts and values to help them better align and be easier to use in STIX.  

While we have had this discussion on Slack, I thought I would share my work with the broader group to see what you all think.

1) The top line is the Admiralty Scale (minus the value of "6 - Truth cannot be judged", as that would be an open question of is that just not defined in STIX or is that a "0")

2) The next line down is the WEP, Words of Estimated Probability

3) Then you have a 0-10 model

4) Then our 0-100 STIX model (aka a percentage point scale)

5) The second to the bottom is the None-Low-Med-High scale

6) And last, the scales from the DNI reports

The way you would read this chart is (lets take the bottom DNI listing - the green background), if in your tool you have a value of "Unlikely" or "Improbable" then you would map that value to a "30" in STIX.   Going the other way, if you get a value of 20-39 in STIX, you would show "Unlikely" or "Improbable" in your UI.

Comments welcome...


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