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Subject: OpenC2: A proposal for a new OASIS Technical Committee is being drafted


As proposed: The OASIS Open Command and Control (OpenC2) Technical
Committee.  The purpose of this technical committee is to create a
standardized language for the command and control of technologies that
provide or support cyber defenses [1].  The draft charter and non-normative
information is located on googledocs at
	If you or your company would be interested in registering your
"Co-Proposer" support for this TC in the initial "Call for Comment"
document, please contact jmbrule@nsa.gov for details.

Thank you 

Very Respectfully, 

Joe Brule
	[1]  Provisional draft language in the TC "Scope" statement
	The technical committee will draft documents, specifications,
lexicons or other artifacts to fulfill the needs of cyber security command
and control in a standardized manner.  The technical committee will leverage
pre-existing standards to the greatest extent practical, therefore
identifying gaps pertaining to the command and control of technologies that
provided or support cyber defenses is within the technical committee's scope
of work.
	The technical committee will base its initial efforts on artifacts
generated by the OpenC2 Forum.  Prior to the creation of this TC, the OpenC2
Forum was a community of cyber-security stakeholders that was facilitated by
the National Security Agency.  The OpenC2 Forum drafted a language
description document, actuator profiles and open source prototype
implementations.  This TC can leverage the pre-existing artifacts produced
by the OpenC2 Forum to provide a foundation to base its development
	It is recognized that command and control of technologies is
necessary but insufficient for cyber-security, therefore every effort will
be made to ensure that artifacts produced will be done so in the context of
being implementation agnostic and striving toward an architecture that
decouples the functional blocks utilized by cyber-defense.
	Other implementation aspects such as such as transport,
authentication, key management, cyber-threat sharing, situational awareness
and other services are being addressed by other efforts and are beyond the
scope of this technical committee.
	This technical committee will collaborate with other technical
communities to ensure consistency and avoid duplicative efforts.  In
particular, this committee will work closely with the OASIS Cyber-threat
Indicator Technical Committee (CTI TC).  The OpenC2 Technical Committee will
focus on the Acting or Response portion of cyber defense but recognizes that
there are significant overlaps with the functional blocks associated with
sensing, analytics and decision making.


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