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Subject: TAXII 2.0 - RC2


We are pleased to release TAXII 2.0 RC2 and welcome your comments and feedback.  Please note, that while we have a few minor references to finish, we have resolved all exiting comments and suggestions.  This release includes:

1) Document clean up and reorganization

2) Authentication, section 1.3.8

3) Sorting, section 3.3

4) Pagination, section 3.4

5) Filtering, section 3.5

6) Client certificate authentication, section 8.3.1

7) Server certificate verification, section 8.5.2

8) The Collections and Manifest resources no longer return a native JSON array.  sections 5.8.2 and 5.8.3

The comment period for this release will end on Friday March 31st (2 weeks from today).  Please review the document, paying particular attention to the Conformance section (section 8) and the sections listed above.

You can find the current version here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1eyhS3-fOlRkDB6N39Md6KZbvbCe3CjQlampiZPg-5u4/edit#heading=h.ehzdxcsjrzgp

I have also included a PDF version with this email, for your convenience.


Bret & Mark

Attachment: TAXIIVersion2.0-WD01-RC2.pdf
Description: TAXIIVersion2.0-WD01-RC2.pdf

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