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Subject: Re: [cti-users] STIX Geotagging for 2.0

Hi Eli,

In order to contribute to the STIX 2.0 standards you will need to join the OASIS Cyber Threat Intelligence Technical Committee. You can do that here, by joining as a Individual, or NGA joining as an organization. We absolutely welcome new members, and look forward to having you contribute to a location object on the cti-stix mailinglist and at the STIX meetings. 

The CTI Users mailing list is used for general STIX / TAXII discussions. The real development discussions take place on the CTI slack channels and in the CTI meetings and mailinglists, and to enable access to those you will need to join OASIS using the link I provided earlier in this email.


Terry MacDonald | Chief Product Officer

On Wed, Mar 22, 2017 at 3:01 AM, <Elihu.E.El@nga.mil> wrote:
Classification: UNCLASSIFIED


I hope that your day is going well.  We have two goals for 2.0:
1. Add geo referenced metadata fields/properties to each component such as latitude and longitude coordinates, altitude, size and directional data, place names, etc..  I recommend that you start your research here: https://intellipedia.intelink.gov/wiki/Intellipedia_Geographic_Location & https://intellipedia.intelink.gov/wiki/Geotagging
2. Add an additional Image Component to the current list of STIX components.  See the attached documents.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me.

Warm Regards,

Elihu Eli El, Scrum, Safe Agile, ITIL
Systems Engineer
Unclassified: 571-558-4351
Secure: 579-4351
GSM: https://www.geoint.community/

Classification: UNCLASSIFIED

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