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Subject: Expanded CTI platform use cases

Hi Rich,

This article attempts to capture some of the
dialogue at Thursday's IACD Workshop that
covered CTI.  The matter seemed significant
enough to post to the group.


The use of STIX is a far more effective, global,
flexible, scaleable, and contemporary solution
than some of the legacy alternatives being proffered.

Robo/spoof call ISACs using STIR are an ideal
soluton to a major need within the telecom industry
and public policy and regulatory agency communities
worldwide.  It is a good way to bridge disparate
and somewhat insular communities here.

This bridging is exemplified by the ITU-T SG17 (security)
meeting moving forward with the new work item
on STIX use cases in close collaboration with CTI.
The final documents should be available on Thursday.
OASIS and ITU-T have both a formal agreement
and a long-standing, effective collaborative relationship
- especially with SG17 - over the past two decades.  It
seems like a win-win in the roadmap to make STIX


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