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Subject: Agenda for March 28 Working Call



The CTI TC working call tomorrow will be focused on STIX:


-          Review of public comments against STIX 2.0 (I will be submitting some additional editorial errata later today)

-          Final review of Intel Note prior to finalizing it

-          Review of confidence scales, which have changed recently


Due to some scheduling issues we’ll also be scheduling another call at 3pm Eastern. The agenda of that meeting will be:


-          Discussion on the approach to confidence (Allan had comments, see working document)

-          Discussion on whether the opinion object should target just one object, or multiple objects

-          Other miscellaneous discussion on confidence and opinion.


As a reminder, here’s the portion of our roadmap that we’re talking now and soon:


-          Internationalization <= approach was approved via TC call, but the “lang” required v. optional question was still open. We’re hoping to discuss this at a F2F to resolve it so are suspending discussion for now.

-          Confidence <= approach was approved via a TC call, but we had some details to work out and Allan had one additional comment on the overall approach so it was re-opened. Hopefully finishing up via the discussions this week.

-          Intel Note <= Mostly done, we need to expand the description (I will be working on this today) and then can do a final review tomorrow

-          Opinion <= hopefully finishing up via the discussions this week

-          Location <= will begin discussion once we finish confidence, intel note, or opinion

-          Passive DNS <= will begin discussion once we finish a second open topic

-          (other topics)



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