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Subject: Notes and actions from March 28 @11am Working Call

Topics: STIX 2.0 Errata, Intel Note finalization, Confidence scales


  • STIX 2.0 Errata
    • Strong consensus: comments 1, 2, 3, and 4 should be accepted
    • Strong consensus: comments 11 and 12 should be rejected, with an additional clarification added to the type to clear up that it's not a STIX extension
    • The other comments were all about examples and were not discussed
  • Intel note finalization
    • Strong consensus: identity should be an identifier
      • Some support from Gary, some mixed from JMG, no other objections
    • Other text will be reviewed after the call
    • Strong consensus: intel note is ready to be done
  • Confidence scales
    • No decision
      • Not a lot of discussion
      • Gary will review with his analysts


Action Items:

-          John will send the public review comments to the list to verify our agreement and get agreement on examples

-          Gary will send the editors a threat actor example

-          Gary will review the confidence scale image (attached here) with his analysts

-          The Intel Note domain object will be brought up on the next TC call to approve as a consensus item





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