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Subject: work on Rec. ITU-T X.ucstix et al.

Hi Rich,

Now that this work is approved and underway,
it should be a regular part of somebody's agenda
and remit in CTI.  Indeed, CTI should have an effective,
structured and strategic roadmap for proactive
outreach and continuing liaison with the multiple
other community standards bodies that will be
essential to adapting and scaling the CTI platforms.

Even within the U.S., adapting the platforms to
significant industry sector threat environments
like robo/spoofed calls is important.  See, e.g.,
Interested parties here - including OASIS -
should file in the FCC proceeding, GC Docket 17-59
Note the comment and reply comment dates.
It has not yet been published in the Federal Register.

The ITU-T action is in one of several important community
standards bodies that includes ETSI, 3GPP, and GSMA in
the telecom/ICT universe.  The formal liaison material
will course its way from the ITU's Telecommunications
Standardization Bureau (TSB) support engineer, Ms. Xiaoya
Yang, to the OASIS secretariat and into CTI.  In the
meantime it is useful to understand a little about the
process and materials.

The ITU-T project document site is at
I have attached both the current base text and what is known
as the A.5 justification submitted to initiate the work.  It is
also worth noting that in addition to the Korean editors
responsible for the work, Takeshi Takahashi was added
as an editor.  Takeshi is a well known cyber security
information exchange community leader from Japan who
also co-chairs the IETF MILE working group and has authored
multiple useful structured information exchange specifications.

To explain some of the institutional jargon here, the TAP
designation means it will go out eventually for Traditional
Approval Process balloting among ITU-T nation state members.
That is presently planned for Sept. 2019.  During the work
item drafting period it will be designated X.ucstix and given
a X.1500-series number as it moves to approval.  The
work also resides in what's known as Rapporteur Group
Q4/17 (cybersecurity) within Study Group 17 (Security).
The Q4/17 rapporteur is one of Japan's respected leaders
in this field, Dr. Youki Kadobayashi.  The ITU-T is the telecom
standardisation body - one of several bodies within the only
global intergovernmental organization in this field that has
existed since 1850.

OASIS needs to be continuously working with the editors here
to help ensure that the ICT sector use cases mesh with the
work.  Getting this material published as an X-series
Recommendation will get the CTI platforms evangelized
among 193 Member nations and officially translated into
four other major languages and made freely available for
downloading.  The official translations alone are worth
the effort!

tony (ETSI-OASIS liaison)

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