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Subject: Re: [cti] Agenda and Readahead for Spring 2017 CTI TC Face to Face

Hey all,


I have a bit more read-ahead for you...specifically, for a few of the lightning talk sessions. Sorry for the delay!


Here’s what we have:


  • https://blog.fox-it.com/2014/11/06/:           Let’s use that scenario for the modeling exercise. I know it’s ancient at this point, but we’ve used it in the past for STIX 1.x and this way we can revisit that to see how it works in comparison.
  • (Multiple attached docs):                               Readahead for the IEP lightning talk


Thanks, and we’ll see you or talk to you all tomorrow. If traveling, travel safe.




From: <cti@lists.oasis-open.org> on behalf of John Wunder <jwunder@mitre.org>
Date: Friday, May 19, 2017 at 12:14 PM
To: "cti@lists.oasis-open.org" <cti@lists.oasis-open.org>
Subject: [cti] Agenda and Readahead for Spring 2017 CTI TC Face to Face




I’ve attached the agenda and readahead materials for the upcoming face-to-face held at the National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence in Rockville, MD on May 23-24. The majority of the readahead materials are also available in Google Docs, but we thought people might want to read them on the plane or print them out and so are providing the PDFs as well.


To explain the attachments:


  • CTITCFacetoFace.pdf:                                                                      This is the agenda and facility information. Read it first.


  • COAIdeas.pdf:                                                                                    COA
  • Echo Detection – May2017 Face-to-face.pptx:                       Echo detection
  • Questions about future changes to STIX.pdf:                        Forward/Backward Compatibility
  • STIX2.0InteroperabilityUseCasesPart[1,2].pdf:                     Interop
  • STIX 2.1-CyberObservablesWorkingConcepts:                       Actions, scroll to the very bottom. Also some of the observable objects that we’ll talk about during the lightning talks and Infrastructure.
  • STIX2.1-WorkingConcepts.pdf:                                                   The majority of the readaheads: Location, Event/Incident, Malware, Infrastructure, Patterning
  • STIXDigitalSignatures.pdf:                                                             Digital signatures


One more time on facility information:


In Person:

National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence

9700 Great Seneca Highway, Rockville, MD 20850




We’ll start at 9am both days, please try to arrive by 8:45 so you can get your nametag and find a seat.


Remote: https://zoom.us/j/339676265 (dial-in numbers in the agenda and Kavi invite).


Thanks to everyone who prepared read-ahead materials. To those of you attending either in-person or remote next week, thanks for coming!




Attachment: STIX2.1Proposal-InformationExchangePolicyMarkingObjectTypeupdated20170517.pdf
Description: STIX2.1Proposal-InformationExchangePolicyMarkingObjectTypeupdated20170517.pdf

Attachment: FIRST_IEP_2_JSON_20170519.docx
Description: FIRST_IEP_2_JSON_20170519.docx

Attachment: FIRST_IEP_Framework_2_20170519.docx
Description: FIRST_IEP_Framework_2_20170519.docx

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